Removing indecent adds :(

Guys how top remove those indecent/vulgar adds comming at the side while browsing??

Its F***in disappointing when someone sits on ur PC n faces those viagra n dating sites adds! Please Help Guys!!

Try AdBlock Plus as an add-on in Firefox:


But itll remove only in 1 PC not on others PCs!

I want something which will block these vulgar adds from my interent connections as my connection is shared by 4 PCs in my home!

I want to remove the above type of image!

seems You have some sort of spyware / adware in all of your Pc's

ebuddy dont show these sort of ads

Simple, don't use eBuddy.

some modems offer you to block some urls from modem

so u can add the url of the image of add in the modem filter...

Adblock is one of recommended extensions which hide the ads in your browser.

Read for details or directly install Adblock link given by SAH