Remote Assistance Not Working Since Using Ptcl(Help Please)


Hello Guys,

I was using wateen wimax service 1 month back and till then i was able to use remote assistance easily. Since i have installed PTCL dsl i am facing this problem which is mentioned below

"The person you are trying t help might have closed Remote Assistance"

I have searched over internet tried port forwarding on port 3389 did that on my router which is WRT54GS linksys with DD-Wrt firmware and also i tried port forwarding on my Shiro modem which is provided by ptcl.

on some forum it was advised to change the RA ticket but that is from client there is not problem on client side as when i do remote from my office works perfectly

My network is like this

<----------------------> || <---------------------> || <------------------------->

Shiro Modem Linksys Router Clients

WAN IP Static

Modem is connecting throug PPPoE

Static IP Assigned to router

Router Static IP Connected to Modem

DHCP for LAN from Router

is ther any other information require do let me know please will be waiting for a solution

thanks guys


First of lol at ur nick ;p

Why dont you get your router and modem on the same network segment ?

Then you can DMZ your pc from the MODEM and your problem will most likely go away.