Remote Access To PC

I want to access my PC remotely from anywhere e.g institute, friends house. and see its desktop and control it as if i was sitting there, my pc always remains on and i hv a DSL connection, cn anyone recommend a FREE remote PC access service

use win VNC

its great cool software.... and yeah free

^ ultra VNC is also pretty good and free 2

Thanks! But is there a method available to automate the installation and server ettings, registry settings etc. for ultra VNC

^ the installation is pretty straight forward nothing much to configure

i guess ultra vnc and winvnc are both same??

arent they

then there must be not much big difference in them....

kia matlab automate the installation.......

just install it once it will be aded in system start up and vnc server will start every time u start pc then u can easily conect to ur pc

^ well they are both based on the VNC base code and can work with each other

like a Winvnc client can connect to a ultravnc server

but some feature set is different i think

an other choice is RealVNC :) I use it very often. its good too. easy as above both.

some times I use Microsoft RDC on win-xp when want one console display.

what i meant was how to configure it, i mean how will i acces my computer from my secondary location

for installation and configuration Ultra VNC read this article

as Ultra VNC gives you ability to access your remote computer via HTTP.

just open a Browser in any client computer where you want to access your remote computer (VNC server installed on it)

and type the IP Address of your remote computer in the address bar with a relative port. (You might have to forward relative ports to your remote computer from your router before you can access your Remote Computer)

following is the demo on a local network.

Remote Computer is on and the VNC Server on remote computer is configured to listen HTTP requests on Port 5801

1 -

2 -

rather than via HTTP access you can also access your remote computer.

install Ultra VNC on client computer you have to select when asked. 'Full Installation' or 'Ultra VNC Viewer Only' atleast.

what I guess you are some what unfamiliar with the above kind of remote access softwares. may be you are not.

but if you dont want to do those things up.

just go for little softwares like Logmein, or Teamviewer. they dont need any IP address resolution or port forwading maters.

just install a server application on remote computer and a little client application from where you want to access. nothing else you need to do.

Team Viewer my vote , using it from past 3 months and its very easy to use just and very good in performance.

Team Viewer