Registry Editor

Is there any good 'Registry Editing Software' that gives all the information in 'layman's terms'

regedit ;)

can you be more specific ????

@ dear zeshan

Windows Registry is not for laymen. In fact, Microsoft has warned many times (on their website and KB) that ordinary should not touch/edit registry.

It's is as same warning written on electronic devices, "WARNING: High voltage inside. There is nothing for ordinary users inside. Only certified technician should open the case". :)

you can use some windows tweaking softwares to play with windows. They will do the registry work. you don't need to open the registry or play with it. You're somehow secure to use tweaking softwares as they usually come for ordinary users.

Download Tweak XP here:

you don't need to find any registry editor, i have some fantastic, you don't need to open the registry or play with it. see my signatures for more info.

^I have installed 'Advanced System Optimizer' and I think it's fine enough for registry cleaning/optimizing etc. It also has a number of other tools as well.