Registerfly, if you don't know, is/was a domain registrar. It's two owners had a huge fight, tried to sabotage the company for the other, and then all the customers got screwed as a result - people lost money, domains disappeared etc. Eventually ICANN (the regulatory authority for domain names) stripped them of their accredited status and a court order forced them to help all customers transfer the domains out to other companies. I had my first domain registered with them and could have lost it too, except I was lucky enough to get the EPP code after about 2 weeks of worrying!

Well, it seems the company is back. They've been emailing me every other day with domain expiry notices and coupon codes. I eventually logged in and saw I still had $9.01 in my quick checkout account balance. So why not make use of it and get a domain, wait 45 days and then transfer it out to Namecheap. I've got nothing to lose, because there's no way I can get that money out of Regfly, so I thought I should try it out.

A coupon code reduced the price of a dot com from $9.99 to $8.99, so I went to checkout, and they added an extra charge of 42 cents, saying the costs have increased for them. So my total is now $9.41. :/ I don't want to give them my credit card info as the company is still suspicious, and the only other way to pay them is e-gold and something called u-pay.

I was wondering if you guys have any thoughts on what I should do. My options are:

- Forget the $9

- Get a .net ($6.99 with a coupon) instead of a .com ($8.99 with a coupon)

- Anything else? :(

^ I'll say forget about $9 and don't worry about it. But getting a .net is also a good idea as it will utilize some of your money.

If you think it from that company's prospective then you'll realize that what company's current policy is to lure at least existing customers back to them. Maybe that's why they are showing few dollars in accounts and ask for more.

By the way, if you have e-Gold account then send only enough money to complete the transaction of dot com.

If you don't want to give the credit card information then how about creating an e-Gold account, credit it with your credit card and transfer that money to Registerfly. Get your dot com and get the hell out of there :)

Leave the sinking ship prior the water is above head, is a good idea ;)

I don't have an e-gold account, and they've suspended new accounts right now. I think they're having some legal trouble too, with the DOJ.

EDIT: BTW, I do remember I had left the money in there so the credit isn't fake

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I don’t have an e-gold account, and they’ve suspended new accounts right now. I think they’re having some legal trouble too, with the DOJ.

EDIT: BTW, I do remember I had left the money in there so the credit isn’t fake


Then you should utilize your money somehow. How about getting UBL prepaid debit card and pay the difference using it?