Regarding Mobilink JAzz Free GPRS

hey i have used jazz gprs for free almost 3 yrs but now its not working any moree

wot can be the reason?

does any 1 else have expirence such

i know mostly will not share how to free it coz then complany will know but we can talkk through emails or sms if some 1 know.

imi89, switch to Zong. Pay a minimal fee of 600rs per mont for unlimited EDGE. ... and its Halaal Internet also when you pay :P

^ good reason.... :)

zong unlimited GPRS is Rs. 484 per month or Rs. 15 per hour...

Call helpline to select your package

halaal internet yeahhhhhhhhhhh

Mobilink postpaid is Rs 500/month unlimited GPRS... that too is halaal :)

zong unlimited GPRS can be selected too by dialing 905 and select your needed package

zong unlimited is 460 as i am using Right now

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zong unlimited is 460 as i am using Right now

try loading 500rs card with zero balance and then activate. it wont activate. the jerks will charge 540~ rs (including tax). I have to load two 300rs cards every month. they should advertise with the taxes included. just different ways to confuse customers and get loads of cash. bah

gprs in pakistan too costly. my indian friends says they use gprs unlimited 395rupee/month included all tax. and in some states its 99rupee/month.... kia kiya jay!!!

Zong Edge is very least in my area. signal drops so frequetly that i do not get speed more than 5 KB. anyways,. i am using Indigo unlimited. speed is 20+KB on PC. satistfied.

Wel 20kbps speed is sound gud in mobilink but which package u get this speed,one of my friend activated indigo unlimited gprs with flash package and he claim speed is not more then 2kbs

Wel today i personly checked speed while visit to my friend house and speed is around 3kb, on her laptop ,its ok for web browsing and chatings,but not gud for downloading, i will b wonder if any one no when wil b mobilink launch edge service

imi89 plz tell ur freegprs trick through sms on my cell 03005673257.

i l post here but dat dun work know i think i just change the acess point to instead of jazzconnect now i think its not working

ufone have largest edge network in country ,,,its 500 for 1.5 gb package is awesome.

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ufone have largest edge network in country ,its 500 for 1.5 gb package is awesome.

what awesome lol u live in prehistoric ages man???1.5gb

^ and i got a message from Ufone that they are offering free EDGE service for 6 moths with there 6,999 Rs device

All we need is mobile broadband here.i Think these companies should stop ripping customers a***s and provide us latest technology for a reasonable price.