Refurbished laptops and new-ones...?

Has any1 ever bought refurbished laptops and what's exactly the difference between refurbished ones and brand new-ones..???

Are there any problems with the refurbished laptops...??

and I have seen many times that many sellers dont tell their customers about the refurbishment..What to do with that situation.

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and I have seen many times that many sellers dont tell their customers about the refurbishment…What to do with that situation.

Refurbishment (restoration) is the process of major maintenance or minor repair of an item, either aesthetically or mechanically. Refurbishment may refer to:

Refurbishment (electronics)

Antiques restoration

Automotive restoration

Does it make any difference in the performance..this is what is my main concern..Can it create problems after that...??

Refurbished laptops are the ones that customer returns, sometimes they have some minor problems and manufacturer fixes them and resells them as refurbished at lower prices. These laptops [different manufacturers might have different standards] pass all standard quality tests that new laptops are required to pass before selling them.

In Pakistan, many sellers will try to sell them as brand new if they are in very good condition. It is better if you insist that they give you sealed box.

Yup here in Pakistan, you better not trust somebody selling you an old but locally 'polished' item as refurbished.

My advice: always try to go for newer products when you can afford, "old is tension...ten fold"


but one has no control na

i mean if we buy from any good shop, even they sells those refurbished ones,,

and we cant even recognize

so that is tha problem

yes,I have seen many shopkeepers..they dont tell at all!!!

Theoretically there can be the same sorts of problems with used laptops as with used pcs. Basically all components should be suspect:

1) HDD could have bad sectors. This is easy to check. You can run scan disk in windows or boot from a linux live cd to run badblocks command.

2) Memory modules might be faulty - You can run memtest to check for this. It can be run from a bootable CD.

Serious problems might be with things like damage to the motherboard. This is something that is hard to diagnose and impossible to fix.

Basically you have to check everything thoroughly including optical/floppy drives, pcmcia slots, TFT display etc.