Recovering data from scratched CD?

I have cd through which I have to recover data, it has many scratches on it..

Which is best and tested software to recover data from it,,

I google this but there are plenty of software there, I want the name of working confirmed and tested software for recovering data


CD-ROM disc has very few error backup bits, as compare to DVD-ROM. That's why if you have scratch CD-ROM then it's very unlikely you can read it properly (it's sometime possible to read lightly scratch DVD-ROM). What is lost, is ever lost.

For data CD/DVD, I use ImgBurn and Alcohol 120%. I also had used Nero. Both do their job. They are general purpose software. They are not specially design to extract data from damage disc. But they can try. If you are not satisfied then you can try specialized softwares for sole purpose.

Moreover, it is also depended on your Drive too. Some drives can read scratched discs better than other drives.

By the way, did you tried cleaning your CD-ROM disc? It also helps.

Get the disc buffed. It should become somewhat readable.

^ Sometime buffing do help but if not done properly it can fill the whole surface with invisible (to human eye) lines/scratches which make disc (CD-ROM disc) totally unreadable.

I listened about some polish years ago. But i'm not sure about its working and name or etc. If anybody knows than should share.

^ I have heard weird ideas too. I have heard of car polish to tooth paste, highlighter marker and what not, but I hardly think any of these work. I never tried any of them.

You never know that any "alam" or "peer" can recite some mantra on CD-ROM disc and make it to readable perfectly even without any drive :D You never know! They always make exaggerating claims :D

I had a unreadable CD which was not showing any folder in it. CD drive just refused to show the data and hanged the Windows. Then I installed this freeware software "CD Recovery Toolbox free" which recovered almost all files of entire CD although few files was unrecoverable and I skipped these unrecoverable files. But this is time consuming process depends on size of files.

You can download latest version from here:

or from my shared site: