Recommend LCD monitor for PC + X360/PS3 gaming

Please Recommend me a LCD monitor for PC + X360/PS3 gaming.

Under 22K would be preferable.

whats ur requirement regarding LCD ? i.e : max resolution, company , 21/22/41 Inch , refresh rate , etc etc ?

ViewSonic VX2235wm 22-inch DVI/HDMI 21000rs

^ Is wide screen ok for gaming?


Anything under 22K, as long as I can connect it with Consoles (HDMI, Composite cables, AV, etc)

I heared there arent games designed for widescreen LCD's but spider mag. Recommends widescreen LCDs in their gamers chef section, where they suggest computer hardware

^Whats your experience in wide screen gaming, or maybe I should start a seperate thread for this

widescreen is obviously better than 4:3