Recommend a new 3 in one printer

iam looking to buy one those 3 in 1 printer scanner copier color.

I need some suggestions

anybody else using these

what problems could i have

and also suggest one with cheaper cartridges or one where i can get the cartridges filled on the cheap

I am using HP OfficeJet J5780 and it works great, it has Fax, Printer, Photocopy and Scanner feature.... I am using it for personal use only so the cartridge cost is not a big issue.

If it is for personal use where you only occasionally have to use the printer, I would recommend HP. When the ink runs out just sell the printer and buy a new one. It'll be cheaper than buying the cartridges! Or you could get the cartridges refilled which is much cheaper. You run the risk of them leaking though (I don't know any company which lets you officially refill the ink cartridges, so there is no guarantee of them working properly after a refill).

most of the 3-in-1 includes ink-jet printers..any1 knows about the package including laser printer and dont forget to tell the price!!!:|

first of all if you dont use any inkjet printer for 10 days then its cartrige will get jammed , in any inkjet printer you must have take print out in 2 days, color and black and white . and inkjet printer cartrige life is only 8-9 months then you have buy a new cartritge

I suggest you keep above factors in mind before buying any inkjet printer.

^ I've gone without printing for months and I've never had any sort of problems with my HP inkjet.

I do a test print one for black and other for color every week.

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I do a test print one for black and other for color every week.

@ sah

as it is mandatory that u have to take print , what “BandwidthHungry” wrote above