Receive your emails on your Mobile Phone Via SMS

Some networks are facilitating some of their customers to receive SMS via an email address mapped with your number. the email address you are assinged is usually like "yourumber@yournetworkdomain.tld" if you are facilitated then you can proceed below. and if you dont know then also you can proceed below you can check your self that you are facilitated or not.

I m listing some detail about Mobilink and Ufone. other networks might also have this service as well as this service is well known Globally. and provided and promoted by the networks world wide.

Points to be noted

1-being on mobilink or ufone, your help line guys wont even tell you about that. because this service is not promoted any time in past from any of the networks in pakistan (dont know why)

2-this service might not be available to the Prepaid customers.

3-this service might not be available to new customers on mobilink or ufone.

as per I have knowledge that these services only supported on 0300 series on Mobilink postpaid. and 0333 series on Ufone both postpaid/prepaid. you should try once on your own.


consider following parts of your complete number. not all these parts are very required on every network.

CountryCode + Network Prefix and Your Number

so here we go..

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indigo customers. Jazz not supported as I tested. but trying yourself is good.

above format(s) are supported.

and the from number in your phone will be Email2SMS

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both postpaid/prepaid might be supported

above format(s) are supported.

and the from number in your phone will be Email


above are of mobilink and ufone. but other network users dont get back of it. as I said many of the networks provide this service world wide. so your networks too might provide it.

Infact above I also recommend all to test your self so you can also test it with yours.

and now you might be thinking of what email address woud you used. so I can tell you that most of the networks provide it with their publicly promoted website domain or

so you can try with your network's public promotional website's domain. e.g. or as I know is also of warid's property you can try that as well.


most of you users might be thinking that do you really need that such facility? and why?

ok... I m just giving you one mostly needed advantage of the above little thing.

and that is, you can receive the emails or email alerts on your phone as an sms which are sent to your regular email addresses.

todays almost all of the email service providers are giving an option to forward your email to another email address. like hotmail, yahoo and gmail are giving you this option.

to do this way you can forward emails from any of your existing email service to the email "yourumber@yournetworkdomain.tld". the emails sent to your existing emails address(es) will be forwarded by your email service to your phone as an SMS. (you will get only limited lenght of the email like total 160 characters [including header information])

mostly used for alerts.

I hope this information will be very useful for some of the users.

Yes it doesn't work on all numbers. I came to know about it like 6-7 years ago. Works on my Ufone.

that is very old news, used to do it about 5 years ago

^do you think It looks like a news. I didn't suppose it to be.

I already have put a statment that it would be use full for SOME OF the users. who have not been with its use.

any ways. thanks for informing that it's an old news. I also have been using it for many years.

and I intended to present the advantage of it but not breaking the alert :) only about the news that you thought.

5 or 6 or 7 years ago there was no such email forwarding option from hotmail or yahoo. and gmail even didn't exist.

you can even get your Live Messenger chat messages to your phone with this. (before any one else says, I say it by my self, I have been using it for more than 2 years)

may be you also know that already 5 years ago that it's gonna happen :)


The email forwarding option does not work for Ufone. You can receive email on your if its sent directly addressed to it but it cannot receive any email forwarded to it from your inbox.

This is what that at least happens to me.

i used this service 5 years back on ufone and mobilink.