Reason Paypal Isnt Working In Pakistan

hi guys, just want to share this info according to Paypal requirements every account must have IBAN (international Bank Account Number) this number is required because when you upload funds from your account to paypal paypal transfer that transaction to your paypal by reference on this IBAN ,without IBAN its impossible to upload funds on Paypal .

now problem is here in Pakistan 98% of accounts dont have IBAN only 2% or may be less are using foreign currency accounts which have IBAN .

unlike paypal Moneybookers is using different method than IBAN in this way they are offering their services worldwide in any country.

So i dont think Paypal should be blamed for its non-presence in Pakistan.


Ohh my God......!!! We usually blame those company, Even i read an open letter to paypad Cheif on Propakistani, I think now we need to send an open letter to goverment of Pakistan or the new State Bank Governer, I forgot his name.

^shamshad akhtar :P

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^shamshad akhtar :P

She quit… may be retired I think, we have a new governer state bank due. some bald tall old budhaa…

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^shamshad akhtar :P

She quit… may be retired I think, we have a new governor state bank dude. some bald tall old budhaa…

i think theres a requirement to change our banking system ,i recently diverted to royal bank of scotland from Allied bank but its true that its very hard for banks like RBS , Standard chartered to provide their services in backward areas...

RBS posted losses of billions of Euros recently... Why do you think they are here? Obviously for the profits from the ripe Pakistani banking sector.

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She quit… may be retired I think, we have a new governer state bank due. some bald tall old budhaa…


ahan ok she took oath for 3yrs :)

current governor is

"Sayed Saleem Raza" a retired professional from Citibank and was the Chairman of Pakistan Business Council.

yeah,,but i think NBP which is , personaly think is largest bank of Pakistan why dont they offer much advance services which other banks are offering ?

world is now turning towards Euros instead of lousy instable $ is best option to be used as payment gateway.i think there must me some compaign to aware our lousy finace ministers or bankers how they can upgrade their banking system....

Lets complain to IT dream, As Sah suggested lets see if someone of us can recieve any kind of response from t he ministry of I.T


By the way note the spelling of "information" on official site. ;)

Mail sent, I will appreciate If every member will send the mail to I.T department too. :)

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Mail sent, I will appreciate If every member will send the mail to I.T department too. :)

he wil consider it as an spam receiving too many mails regarding same matter :)

email sent ;)

i will request everybody to raise the voice

actually paypal is benifical for every coder/designer/trader and most important of all its important for Pakistan recieving a payment via paypal help the economy and raise the revenue values.

lets hope our IT Secretery will reply to our emails soon.

^hey Xainnadeem.

I would really like to read detail about it.

can you please post the source from where did you get the information?

as per my knowledge there is no such issue with the IBAN when it comes to the fact about Pakistan and PayPal.

this is just bureaucracy of Pakistan, rules and regulations, Government Officials, who will not let the things be smooth only for the sake of Pakistan.

not only PayPal, there are many services that do not support Pakistan, Why??? because of IBAN???............ Not Really, atleast I don't think so :)

but I'd really like you to post the source please

thank you

and I am not criticizing :)

hi bellskar :)

send email to paypal they will reply you with same reason... i use paypal account of my brother who lives there in Australia and i am unable to withdraw funds directly from paypal to my bank account every time i have to first withdraw that to my brothers account and then from that account to my bank account via wiretransfer.

i got this info from paypal months back...i replied same answer to old post here in forum but then decided to post that as topic.

you can contact paypal support as reference source.

actually IBAN was created for easy transactions between EU but most countries have used this method to make payments faster.

indian banks like icici is linked with JP MORGAN CHASE and others are linked too with some more banks but only few here in Pakistan use this service like most prominently RBS, Standardchartered etc... if you want IBAN at local bank like Allied or NBP you will have to deposit $1000 permenently in your bank account.

also another rumor most of people describe that its in TOS that country is eligeble to have paypal if its laws allow to send recieve money at any place but Pakistan does not recognize Israel as state and as Pakistani me or you cant send money to Israel ,same goes on for Syria ,Iran ,iraq ,some other countries but Saudia Arabia trades oil with israel and they dont have such a law so they have paypal same goes for yeman,egypt etc...

theres very good alternative to paypal in pakistan with this one you can accept payment in Pakistan from paypal it describes itself as "paypal's partner"

Our government and State Bank of Pakistan are not going to upgrade banking system. Period. Especially, current government is more interested in politics than economy (plus other things).

Bureaucracy and Banking heads don't want PayPal or similar systems in Pakistan. Why? First answer is "their cut". No bribe, no work. Secondly, it will open a space portal,... a time-wrap... people (at start only young people but then all generations) will be using PayPal than ordinary banks.

Can you believe the success of Western Union in Pakistan? Yes, it happened and scared banks executives.

Just imagine, I am able to control my PayPal account from Pakistan then why I am going to my local bank to beg to do things for me? I won't need banks to receive foreign currency (big time issue) and I won't need banks to send foreign currency (no TT/LC or bank draft needed). [Translated to English] "Their mother will die".

By the way, NBP sucks big time. One the worst bank in Pakistan when it comes to service. They litterally treat people like slaves/shuddars. I have seen it with my own eyes and experiences it myself.

(NBP) - (Government Employees Salaries) = (Death Of Bank)

PayPal is not going to come in Pakistan unless PayPal gives hefty "cut" (bribe) to bureaucracy and gives larger percentage of profit to banks of Pakistan. Simple as that.


I know about IBAN very clearly that what is it :)

I am also using PayPal account just like you. I also send them a lot of emails, talked to them directly on phone but I never got a reply like you told. dont know why.

any ways.

I also think as wampyr expanded with the detail.

If someone has bank account in RBS , Standard Chartered or Citi Bank which can give you the IBAN . is this IBAN number is used to use paypal in Pakistan.

If someone has any other way to use palypal in Pakistan , Please tell me , I want to use it.