Rapidshare Premium Link downloader (10 files a day)


Dear All,

i have found a website that allowes resume supported Rapidshare links to download. when i checked there were 2 accounts in their database and now they have 5 active accounts. if we visite their sponsors they will add more accounts.


hope you will like it.

replies will be appriciated.


they wil get their google adsense acount baned cuz they are saying it openly to click on adds on their main page and google uses human resources not bots to review such frauds on sites


thanks for Advise and support.

add me on msn: talk2alijee@msn.com


y shud i add u??


it depends.. well... you are welcome as one of your member is using my offered free hosting


The speed usually SUCKS big time on these sites


any one can tell megaupload premium link generator


Lemme check it as i have checked many tools and sites for RS but nothing works..


Umer, you might wana google "rapidleech"


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Umer, you might wana google “rapidleech”

or rapidleech v2.3 ;)