RapidShare Might Be Rapidly Shutting Down

RapidShare may be sunk thanks to German copyright law and a very stringent judge who ordered that RapidShare must remove infringing content by itself .

According to a ruling published yesterday, a court in Hamburg, Germany has ruled that Rapidshare is currently not doing enough to combat copyright infringement and that its filter system is ineffective.

The ruling says Rapidshare must now become more active in finding files that infringe on copyrights, especially after rights holders makes the company aware of them. The new rule is very similar to that of the DMCA here in the States.

Rapidshare is 3rd MOST visited/hits site on Alexa ranking Please don't let it go


OK. I'll try! =D

If one Rapidshare goes down, there will be five new Rapidshares. They simply can't kill piracy on the Internet.

Maybe they should learn to live with it?

Dude Germany law applies in Germany not in the whole worlddd.i mean it might shutdown in germany but not in whole world.to much moneys ridin on it



depends where RS have hosted their servers. If their storage farms reside in Germany then it might go down

Rapidshare's a German company (isn't it?). Regardless of where the servers are placed, If the German laws say it'll ishut down, then it'll shut down for EVERYONE (unless specified).

They have to abide by the German laws. If they want Rapidshare available for the rest of the world. In order to operate, they must be "registered" in a country, and if that country closes it's doors for the company, then kiss it goodbye.

It's basic law!

There are 2 rapidshare sites.

1 is rapidshare.de and the other rapidshare.com. I think the site rapidshare.com is not german which is the main one. So don't worry.

well rapidshare.com is in germany

seems like a problem but i am sure it wont shut down and even if it does then there will be more such sites

dont worry if this the case then i can bet the other day we will see torrents shutting down :D

so yes its true you cant kill piracy on this internet world :)

^ torrents can never be shut down

their totally different from RS

in that nothin is central

what is torrents? is it like rapidshare website

^ torrents is a slang for Bitorrent which is a p2p protocol


Please stick to the topic.

Please stick to the topic.

Please stick to the topic.

Please stick to the topic.

RS wont shut down n stop fighting guys :) PEACE!

These days, It is nearly impossible to shutdown such a big website, they can transfer their servers in other countries like Russia. I don't think they will shut down