I wonder whether mods will allow this thread to run or not, as it is a bit political. However, I found this topic quite interesting, and so thought to share…

Some of the renowned American scholars, scientists and journalists see the events that happened on 9/11/2001 in a different way. They believe it was not Al-Qaeda who did this, but it was an inside job, accomplished by The Pentagon and the Bush Administration. The most pressing thing that made these people to think about and get an insight into this matter was the way the three WTC towers collapsed. They believe it was done by 'Controlled Demolition' and according to them there is no way in the world that only fire (even it is caused by jet fuel and no matter how long it burnt) can bring down such huge steel built buildings.

A lot of videos, lectures and books have been released on this matter. I found a site which contains many videos and other material related to this topic:

All the videos present on this site contain some rare footage, interviews with eyewitnesses and scholars and a lot of other evidence, and I highly recommend watching all of these.

The videos that I found the most interesting are as follows: and I would recommend starting with these:

1. "BYU Professor Steven Jones on 911 Explosives 02012006" This is a lecture delivered by Prof. Steven Jones in 2006 at Brigham Young University. Prof. Steven Jones is a physicist and this lecture can be very interesting for physics students (like me).

2. "Loose Change 2nd Edition" There is another edition of this video namely "Loose Change Final Cut" but that is a stripped version. 2nd edition is the more detailed edition, so I would recommend that.

3. " 911 Mysteries Part 1: Demolitions" In this part of "911 Mysteries" they have shown how controlled demolition works and how similar was the collapse of WTC towers to that.

Videos present on the above-mentioned site are of very low wmv quality. If one is interested in good quality versions of these video, then some of these are available at and also available on torrents; just a little googling is needed.

just see this and you will find the answers of all your questions