Question related to Iphone 3g

I have recived a iphone 3g from USA, as my cousin is coming to pakistan so he will buy it for frm there for only 200$, I need to ask will there be any duty ? I cheked the price with shopvive. It was 51k and from USA it is costing me 17k only. Any suggestions? Should i get it from there or any other waysto get it at cheaper rates and why iphone is so expensive here?

AT&T is offering unloaked iphones for 600 buck....that transaltes to48K here

electronic items in USA are cheap thats why. dont know about duty.

He wont get it for 200 infact because with that package comes a 2 year subscription to AT&T. So even if he gives it to you for 200 he will be charged for the next 2 years regardless! If he cancels the contract that will cost him extra! So simple solution is to buy a unsubsidized phone from AT&T or Apple Stores. The prices for unsubsidized iPhones are $599 for 8GB model and $699 for 16GB model!

The third time i am editing this post lol! I forgot the taxes lol. So basically after taxes the $600 8GB 3G model costs $648!!!!

Or Activate 8GB iphone with AT&T.. $215 (after tax) with a 2 yr contract

Pay activation ($36), 1 month of service ($86), termination fee ($175)

Grand Total Cost: $500 or so. You actually SAVE $150 doing it this way.

Or AT&T also offers factory refurbished iphones. You can look into those as well.

Regarding the duty its just the normal 500-600 Rs per phone you have to pay at the airport!

Electronic items are cheaper here . You just need to know where to look!