Question from Bloggers!

Hi any One knows Word press here can any on tell me what plug in name this BLOG is USing.

it auto create links based on words , in link them to Cats of BLOG , like in pic


i've seen this on some blogs, and to give u an honest readers opinion, i dont like it at all. its very irritating, everytime my cursor moves on to these underlined/bolded words accidentally, something pops up and shows me the information i dont want.

keep it simple.

Probably something like Clicksor but it is disgusting and intrusive...

Yaahhh It really irritates me yaar. Every time you have to move cursor it opens some relevant links, and you end up closing that website. you want people to run out of your website? nobody clicks on those links....

sory dude , you guys just taking it wrong , its Actualy WORK as TAGS

let me explain ,

i have a Category in my Blog name , PTCL ,

OS when ever i wirte a post and post it , and there is some words in my post one of them is PTCL

, then the words ptcl auto links , to the PTCL Cat , and on clicks it open that page , same thing with cats and TAGS

. its a Very Good this for SEO

These ad networks specialize in in-text advertising.

But yeah, such ads are damn annoying. Put them on your blog if you want to piss off your readers.

still not got that dear ,

visit the link

and check the links in POST only