Question abt PS3 Games

Hi all

As we all know ps3 is region free.....

so i wanna ask what is region 2 and region 3 ????

suppose I m in pakistan i want to buy a PAL ps3 game then what region it shud be ???????

region 3 or 2 ????

actually i wanna buy PAL ps3 games plz help me in this

tell me the actual region number of PAL game

thanx in advance


if ur PS3 is region free than no worries... buy any game of any region. U should be fine.

yes i know ps3 is region free

but i wanna buy PAL game then what region number i go with ???

so simple question ???

just tell me resgion 2 is called PAL ?


region 3 is called PAL ?

How old r u ?

okies just go to and whatever word comes to ur mind, type that word into search bar...... and they will tell u from head to tail of that word/term. ;)

BTW Pal is not a "region'' ..... rather its a colour encoding system.

Faisal.Qureshi dont be oversmart.... just take it simple.. otherwise no need to reply in this thread

This is what I need to know


R2 Europe

R2 Japan

R3 Asia

R4 Australia

Okies.... suck it the way you want...

Since you indirectly bought PS3 from sony, go and "demand" ur answers from them or pray someone else will meet ur demand here....

good luck :/

tic tic Yalla.....

u suck