PunBB Officially Released Extensions...out


well KO man we dont know tht when will tht fluxbb will b out

but till fluxbb is not out spend ur little precious time to install some extensions in this black and white forum

here lOOk


and here read


lets c whats the new excuse of not adding extensions


I'm following the news - PunBB is pretty much dead in the water, all the development is taking place at FluxxBB - and the beta release should be any day now, complete with extensions.


some extensions are really good!

don't hurry these upgrades can be disastrous sometimes


Yeah, don't go for a beta release. Get the stable release when it is available.


so r u gona go 4 a beta fluxbb instead of a stable punbb1.3 with stable extensions???


PunBB was bought out by someone, development on it has mostly stopped. Most of the original developers have created a Fork, called FluxBB. PunBB is just copying that code now.

See http://fluxbb.org/ for details.


Better to stick with the one being actively developed


actually i like the look and speed of this forum very much. its just some features are missing which should be added. :D


Yes, the forums are perfect.We just need pm function!


Functionality will be added, give it some more time.