Ptv 80's English Movies..?


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Does anyone remember :

The Girl from Tomorrow

All of me friends and other teens had a huuge crush on Alana


Believe me I was one of them as well :) I’ve already downloaded the whole two seasons of the series & it was fun remembering the old days.


PTV was so much popular TV channel in Nation and it was my fav TV channel but now its sank away so sad


gemni Man

Man from Atlantic

For very short period Bionic Women & Bionic Dog

Little House On The Prairie


Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson

Murder She Wrote


okay i dnt know if anyone of you remembers ..but there used to be dis series on ptv long time bak. it had these 2 characters a guy and a ghost ( i think an african guy ) they lived on sum island or maybe it was just a beach cos there was water ..i really dont remember wat da story was all about cos i was a kid bak then but i remember dat da ghost was not suppose to go out of a house or sumthing cos if he did then some other ghost like creatures wud take him wid them... i dnt know if i am making any sense here but if any1 understood and knows da name of dat series plz let me know


its a story about a Jamaican Pirate who died a long time ago, and came back as a ghost so that he could absolve his sins. This one guy seems to see the ghost and then helps him so that he may be absolved.


hey, i saw a movie on PTV few years ago, i missed the title, i liked that movie... ican tell its plot can anyone guess the name plz...

a little boy wanders along the country in car, probably texas i think. collecting cards from petrol pumps to complete a series which if completed will help help him get the prize... he completed it but the company where he went to claim the prize snatched the cards and kick him out....

plz do tell if any body know anything abt this movie........


^^ I also remember the movie but don't remember its name :(

Tell me its name if anyone knows its name.

I used to watch

Round The twist.

Total Recall 2070.


PSI Factors.


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Do u remember a tv serials of dwarfs ? it was mid or late 80s. aired on PTV.

I was also looking to find out the name of that tv serial that i vaguely remember. It featured some dwarfs amongst the normal population finding their way to survive. Does anybody remember the name of the serial, it was probably early 90’s i guess.



Yes i remember ,

my Fav movies was

Knight Rider


Air wolf ..but i like most knight rider


Highway to Heaven (with Michael Landon & Victor French)

All the Rivers Run (Australian mini series from 1983)


Land of the Giants


IN 80's Ptv shows all the awesome english movies and cartoons. But the most i like are. Air wolf Thundercars Knight Rider. They are still my favs. And when ever i see airwolf knight or thundercats on tv i never miss them watching it again n again. Bcoz they were awesome and remain awesome. I just wish that can we have that era back once again in pakistan ?

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John Silver's Return to Treasure Island
The Flash
Dempsey and Makepeace
The Cosby Show
Amanda's by the Sea
Didi Show
The Top Secret Life of Edgar Briggs
Das Boot
The Master
The Tripods (the tripods really terrified me, still remember that fear and my turning eyes from TV)
Danger Bay
The Six Million Dollar Man
Marco Polo
The Saint
Star Trek
The Highwayman
The Return of the Antelope
Rescue 911
Dynomutt Dog Wonder
Danger Mouse
The Thing
Fraggle Rock
Felix The Cat
Dexter's Laboratory
Sesame Street


the wonder years


It was never aired on PTV


Assalam-o-alaikum anyone remembers a series in which some people are lost in different kind of world with dinosours and some other alien like creatures ? i think it aired on ntm or stn.


Land of the Lost?


I wanto get hold of the torrent of The Amazing Stories. Some nostalgic moments.


some more series from memory

Five Mile Creek
The Yellow Rose
Trauma Center
Agatha Christie's Poirot
"Trauma Center" & "Agatha Christie's Poirot" can't remember whether these were on PTV or STN/NTM


The Black Beauty