PTCL Wireless Broadband



* Always ON Mobile broadband; Use the service wherever you want – at work, at home, at leisure, on the campus, on the road

* Supported by world’s proven CDMA technology

* No phone line is needed; just insert a USB card in your laptop / PC and start enjoying broadband wherever you are No need of WiFi hotspot; you are your own hotspot

* Wide coverage area; PTCL has largest & robust CDMA network across the country. Stay connected no matter where ever you are.


* Speed up to 3.1Mbps (3000Kbps)

* Stay connected to your office (Emails / VPN)

* Download heavy files / email attachments

* Real time applications (online gaming, video conferencing etc.,)

* Send / receive SMS on laptop / PC (bundle offer)

* Free email account with 20 Mb storage capacity

* Unlimited downloads (data, songs, videos etc.,)

Who should use:

* Corporate / SME executives who need to stay in touch (Emails / VPNs)

* Students living in hostels

* Researchers who require broadband to surf the web anywhere any time

* Home users who can not get access to fixed broadband (DSL)



Sites: 110 -108 - 60

Expected date of launch Dec 01, 2008


This is just great. I just hope that their packages are not over priced.

Thats really great. Pakistan is advancing very fast in internet and telecom sector. Finally we will not be depandent on crappy copper phone lines.

grt yara for wot i was waiting its evdo kana joker u rockk

i wish sitiuation in pakistan get better so we get many nice facilities here.

Pakistan z our beloved country but dun know why our own people become like this doing any thing for money


Not given by PTCL yet

That was wht i asked my post in few daz before so finally they advertise this,But thats not a USB supported device as i see that is bigger than worldcall Evdo device and have a place for sim card,so what kinda sim spoz to insert?

It's good news if PTCL is launching EVDO on December1, 2008. Esepecially for those who couldn't get normal landline+DSL connection. I hope their packages for normal home users are good if not better than Worldcall EVDO (Karachi only) packages. By the way I live in Rawalpindi.

I just got PTCL DSL after waiting for a year on their ONU network, and going through tremendous hassle of visiting their exchange and calling them up again and again. Perhaps, I could have waited :P

^no i think wired dsl is always gonna be good than wireless dsl. both speed and price wise.

My personal point-of-view is that wireless Broadband is much better than wired DSL. There are many reasons like:

- Wirless Boradband can be accessed anywhere

- Wireless Boradband supports speeds upto 3.1 Mbps

- Wireless Boradband cannot have line issues as everone knows the conditions of the PTCL Landlines :P

The only drawback that I can think of is that variance in speed for Wireless Boradband can occur if out of range or behind walls but same is the case with landline DSL where speed depends upon the distance from the exchange. So for me Wireless Boradband rocks :)

Any idea of PTCL Wireless Broadband's Tariff???

is there any effect of weather on these wireless connections, as signals drop during storms

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is there any effect of weather on these wireless connections, as signals drop during storms

yes all types of wireless communication have effects due to weather, like rain/storm etc.

how can these wireless connections he shared through router?

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^no i think wired dsl is always gonna be good than wireless dsl. both speed and price wise.

I agree

Would it be like Vfone wireless


Vfone is jus a dial up whereas you will gettin dsl speeds with EVDO.

what wud be the tarrif.., equls to dsl or higher