PTCL SpeedTest Service (Post Your Results Here!)


A better result on a US Server:





That doesn’t look like PTCL to me. the ping and all are low, considering PTCL doesn’t have access to TW1 bandwidth.

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speet test krna ka lya buht sa tareqa hain lakin main apko aik ste snd krta hn is sa aap speed achi tarh sa test kr skta hain


3566736025.png evo wingle multan . 3 signal bars


Has PTCL ended free upgrade offer to 4mb for 1 and 2mb users? As my internet speed is back to 1mb now.

I checked from exchange and they told me that now this free 4mb offer is only for 2mb users and not for 1mb.





I have 4mb PTCL connection :angry:


After months of complaining, Peetcl has finally upgraded my connection to 4mbps right after their double up promotion ended. F*** these guys for real.






After new MSAG cabinet installed in my locality.

Excellent speed test to Muscat! Yes Muscat!



3650670046.png Evo Wingle Multan


Charji @ Malir Cantt

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Charji @ Malir Cantt

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Dsl 2 Mb @ Malir Cantt

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Charji @ Malir Cantt

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Wingle @ Malir Cantt

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I am using 4 Mbps connection however for the last few days the speed has reduced to 2 Mbps. I have contacted 1218 several times, local technician has also visited twice, also lodged my automatic complaint as well as emailed at However, no positive response has been received yet. All they say is this: "Main aap ki complaint forward kar raha hon taa k aap ko jo pareshani ho rahi hai wo khatam ho sake.... Thank you for calling PTCL, Allah Hafiz"........ and mute..........

Here is my test result. However I am surprised to see that my connection is being hosted on Telenor.....



@masters........... where do we get such high speeds like 27.37Mbps, 21.94 Mbps........... are you on planet earth? :P How much does it cost monthly?