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@ 4 MB










4mbps rwp






Hyderabad But I'm not getting speed as shown, after wire cut i'm only getting good speed on idm only sometimes.


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4mbps rwp


perfect speed for YouTube @ 720p

is it copper or fiber optical ?


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4mbps rwp

perfect speed for YouTube @ 720p

is it copper or fiber optical ?


But on 4mb for me the normal vids also dont play good. They always stream. So how can a 720p video gonna work without bufferring?

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4Mbps+Better line quality can stream videos at 720p


Actually, its not necessarily the line quality - its how much PTCL is willing to dispense out in bandwidth from your exchange end.

That's why performance varies from exchange to exchange, and locality to locality.

For instance, PTCL in Bahria Town Rawalpindi is miles better than in the Gulrez area. And I know cause I've used them in both places.

Speed tests done on a foreign server are a bit more accurate than local speed tests. Try performing one on and see there what you get.

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Download :: 1.5 Mbps 193 kB/s arrow-up-doubleM.png Upload :: 187 Kbps 23

is it good for 4mb or not?

tested on site you gave


Not really. That's more like 2 mb speed.

I'm in Lahore, and for 1mb, i get 105kb/s download - which is decent. Back in pindi, I barely cross 35kb/s on ptcl.

So it depends on the area you're in.

You should always try multiple locations for speed tests for an idea - some streams may not always function properly. You can also try (which uses the Speed test software).

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4mbps, Faisal Town, Lahore exchange.





4Mb Connection in Faisalabad

Till Lahore i am getting 3.9mb/0.7Mb

Till England 0.9Mb/0.13Mb

Till Turkey 1.2Mb/0.4Mb

Till Hong Kong 0.9Mb/0.34


PTCL uses Fokker engines with their BB service. You know its Jet age. Fokker engines exhaust on long distance. :)


strange dissconections since yesterday on nitro in rwp region or all over any one else .