PTCL SMTP servers are not working | Other SMTP are blocked on port 25

Dear All,

I got to know that PTCL DSL service has blocked the use of any other service's SMTP servers on port 25. That is I cannot use the SMTP server of my workplace domain when I use Microsoft Outlook from home connected via PTCL DSL.

I inquired and was informed by the customer support that I have to use the SMTP server of PTCL as listed below :

I use the server "" for sending email from home, the email are sent from the outbox , "BUT NEVER RECEIVED" by the intended recipients. This sporadically happens for email addresses on any particular domain. Sometimes they are received and sometimes they are not.

Is anyone else using PTCL SMTP servers having the same problem and were you able to find a solution. I can use the GMAIL SMTP server, but it adds an additional phrase "on behalf of" in the incoming email address for the recipient which does not looks very good in corporate communication.

Any help is appreciated.