PTCL SMART TV with other brodband connection in abroad?

Hi guys...

I want to know if it is possible to have a DSL connection in pakistan with ptcl smart tv option and then connect the SET TOP BOX to some other DSL provider?

more precise question is, if SMART TV is activated on the telephone line or its kind of live streaming which could be viewed with any DSL connection anywhere.


Could be possible but the other dsl connection should contain at least double the bandwidth or may be more.

but that the question.... Is it possible or not... i know it might or might not be possible.. did any one ever tried this?

Your question is confusing....if you mean to say that can we use the STB we get with our ptcl connection with any other ISP that offers IPTV (without smart card)......then YES you can probably use that STB

but if you mean to say that can we use STB we get with PTCL IPTV connection, with any other ISP(even if that ISP offers IPTV), and want to see the same channels that we can see with PTCL IPTV, den answer is NO

thats like wondering if you can watch shawshank redemption on a godfather DVD