Ptcl sending TCS

Ptcl send me a tcs to get connection damn man for re-connection and aslo get free smart tv and many more things they are not sending the details of phone bill not to waste the paper why they are wasting paper on TCS.


U mean by courier service ?

^^ What you saying? Can you edit your post again so that we can understand?

Are you saying that ptcl sent you bill via tcs ?

nopes i am not a subscriber of ptcl dsl i was customer of ptcl in 2007 then i disconnected they sent me a tcs courier theres a letter in it to reconnect and mentioning their new services to avail it for free.

They are trying to entice you. Persevere and don't fall into the trap.

hahha never. i am a subscriber of Maxcom for nearly 3 years and i am satisfied with speed downloading not browsing it takes lil bit more time than other dsl but their customer service is excellent. MashAllah.

I have PTCL DSL and their connection as well as customer service is good. Found no problem till yet

Wow. Pretty much a slap on the face of management who had titled the year as 'Environment' year. :rolleyes:

I wouldn't get lured into anything PTCL after I have had 80% uptime of PTCL DSL in the previous months, and only 10% uptime so far this month.

they also sent it to me.. me already usin there services.. wth do they think ill do?? buy anouther one??