PTCL New Simplified Tariffs for Wireline

Subject: ONE COUNTRY, ONE NETWORK, ONE RATE (Rs0.66/minute based on Rs 2 / 3 minute charging)

New Simplified Tariffs for Wireline


In order to defend our voice market share we need to ensure increase in voice usage as well as improve our service delivery. This campaign is focused on providing additional value to our wireline customers through improved tariffs. This campaign delivers the following :

1. Simplification of the tariff rates, to improve top of the mind presence of PTCL call rates. This is done by introducing same tariffs for local, NWD as well as calls to Vfone numbers. Now our customers do not have to worry about remembering multiple tariff rates, all calls on PTCL network will be charged as Rs 0.66 per minute based on Rs 2 / 3 minute charging

2. Improved value for money by rationalizing both local and NWD tariff rates.

We expect to achieve the following:

 Customer retention.

 New customer acquisition.

Effective Date:

Launch date – 1st March, 2009

Key Highlights:

 The On-net calls include local and NWD calls made from PTCL to PTCL and PTCL to V-fone.

 The On-net tariff for NWD and Local calls will be Rs. 2 per 3 minutes.

i. NWD tariff will be reduced to Rs. 2 per 3 minute from Rs. 2 per minute

ii. Local call tariff will remain unchanged

 Mobile call tariff and international call tariff will remain unchanged

 This tariff will be applicable for all PTCL Wireline subscribers.

 As per the new tariff, Pakistan plus free NWD minutes as well as excess NWD minutes will be charged on Rs. 2 for 3 minutes basis.

 New On-net Rate will be applicable on all of the existing PTCL pricing packages.

Sweet but i think the mobile charges really need to be brought down. As it is, its more expensive to call a mobile number then it is to call Canada!

What a pile of typical PTCL crap... If PTCL wants to increase the number of people using its voice services, it should make local (intra-city) calls free and provide unlimited calling minutes for a fixed price per month.

Also, since this all revolves around profits, stop impeding the spread of VoIP and instead start using it for your own benefit. And PTCL should also lose more of its employees by increase efficiency and productivity per employee.

Nothing is free in this world dear.

Even G drive is not formatted free.

^ companies like wateen which operate their own local loop provide free calling between their own numbers there is no technicall reason why ptcl cant do it

Have you lost your mind? :/

PTCL's stagnant policies without any business sense is what is making it lose customers. It is a white elephant now which needs to further lose weight.

@Ahsan: No one is asking PTCL to give free services to consumers. In Canada local calls are always free, and generally there is a flat rate per month (customer is still paying the provider, so its not free!). This is done because data over landline is ridiculously cheap nowadays, and these cost benefits can easily be forwarded onto the customer. Depending on the package, long distance is offered at different rates.

Considering the small size of Pakistan, I think its very possible to even make nationwide dialing free and charge the consumer a flat rate for it. PTCL can charge in addition for other services which would be considered add-ons. Now THAT would be a simplified tariff, which everyone can understand and like!

^ agreed

If they can bring down NWD call rates to local call rates, then thats mean thay are ripping us by expensive local call rates.

Local calls should be free as asad suggested in his post or must be change to unlimited duration per call.

This 3 min cap is just ridiculous.

[quote=", post:, topic:"]

If they can bring down NWD call rates to local call rates, then thats mean thay are ripping us by expensive local call rates.

Local calls should be free as asad suggested in his post or must be change to unlimited duration per call.

This 3 min cap is just ridiculous.


Nothing is free in this world man .


^ You keep saying that. Did you even read my post above? I addressed your 'nothing is free' comment.

^ He has become a broken record. :)

he works for ptcl he is toeing line of Ptcl Just like our Afsar Shai just toe the line of Goverment.

adding to sah's comment did you read my comment Ahsan about wateen offering free calling to their own network?

fu* the free world. as the guy says in 8mile. :P

Not really a big fan of PTCL but give these guys some credit.

It does simplify things a bit and NWD has gone down which is the step in the right direction. Ofcourse the business is their to make money, the question is how well they balance between what the customer get and what they keep. In a nutshell its a positive thing, simplified and economical.

Though what I want is all together a different thing.

I want free local and NWD calls maybe with a flat rate. PTCL should atleast let consumers have the option for that.

PTCL has no real competitor around, so it feels free to do whatever is profitable.

Their services are improving over time. But it'll take atleast 5-10 more years for the greedy minded #$%# to flush outta ptcl and new people (with real knowledge of how businesses need to be run) can come in and lead it to something good.

Rs 2 per 3 minutes is a good tariff though.

Next stop: Improved mobile rates.

I have to admit how much bashing this Ahsan guy can handle :D whereever our members see him, he's bashed. And he survives it without a problem :P

Thats why I use PTCL only to call landlines, mobile calls are cheaper from mobile only.

another suggestion if u dn want local calls to b free

introduce a "local plus pkg" just like "pakistan plus" and charge 150rs for pkg subscribers :D

My Friends here in Pakistan every DSL Company is based upon PTCL network .... PTCL can Do what ever they want too ... And I think now no other company or companies is going to lay down its own copper network in Pakistan ... and yes ASAD is rite PTCL is big white elephant now which needs to further lose weight. But is we consider USA based telephone Companies which have there own copper network are giving local or nation wide local free calls are charing 29$ to 49$ on per monthly bases plus Internet which is arround Rs 2300 to Rs3600 ... So If PTCL goes in that way then I must say PTCL can lose 80% of their land line clients because 80% of the nation Population cant afford it. But they can simply so one thing Re. 1 for per 5 min call charges with in city and Rs 2 for per 5 min so that this poor nation can avail it easily.