Ptcl Is Not Giving Solution For Stuck Probelum Of Student Broadband


hi i m asad from peshawar i m studying at peshawar university i had normal 512kbps PTCL broadband connection upto may 2008 someone had told me about student package in which i could get discount as i m student i asked abt link from PTCL guys but they told me to disconnect my current connection to get that student package.I did that.After that i applied for student package online everything was going well during the process just at the last step where the button came of CONFIRM ORDER when i clicked that i saw an error that there is broadband already on this number.

I contacted PTCL guys on 1236 immediately after that they told me to wait for 7 days till the data get clear.I waited.Then i tried again after 7 days but this time error was on the first step where i had entered city and my number.I contacted again those PTCL guys then again i ve waited for 7 days for this then again the same error.this goes for almost 2 months till the day i bursted on 1236 guys and they reffer me to their TM(team leader).Then the process again started with the variable number of days to wait but my problem still persists although the way of error has changed.

PLz tell me some solution i ve tried everything for this.


Please use the dedicated PTCL DSL thread.