PTCL IPTV (Project)


no update on this thread from last 5 months :(


Current SmartTV Channel List:


Star World\Movies has been having intermittent voice sync problems for the last month or two.


PTCL smart TV charges increased from 449 to 499

Just got april Bill and its mentioned 50Rs increased w.e.f. this months


Consider the tax to be increased too ..why did they increase? I have disconnected the crap ..499rs ..simply write 500rs .. Marketing tactics

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I want to lock a channel. but when i goto channel list and press Green Button that is for Lock / Unlock. It asks for Password. I never set any password.

What is the default Password of PTCL smart tv?


^^^Check your receiver's manual.




Am using PTCL SmartTV app on Android tablet (I don't have STB) but audio on Star World is running at twice normal speed. Audio on all other channels is OK. PTCL has not attended complaint for two weeks. Any other users facing this issue or solved it in the past?


Can I subscriber smart tv on my mobile? I dnt ave peeeetcl nor am on their network

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Last week of August, I watched smartTV app via Mobilink 3G in Karachi. Worked fine, but I am not sure if it will always work, since I subscribed for one month when I was at home with PTCL DSL. May be while subscribing, you must be on a PTCL network.


new android stb



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And how’s the picture quality?


i have connected through wifi beleive me quality is good compare to Dish Tv

Dish also has Pakistani channels but Smart Tv quality is better and this new stb has lot of improved features and experience is amazing


Waiting for the DTH in Pakistan [emoji4] no line crap!

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Waiting for the DTH in Pakistan emoji4.png no line crap!

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till then enjoy iptv free till Jan 2016 :)

dth will take some time


I am IPTV user for last 2.5 years then I was shifted to a new area 2 months ago.

i was using Smart TV in previous location having the old white STB and i was very much disappointed with that. I mean world was moving forward and PTCL was moving downward. I mean who on earth use a simple AV device to show digital TV.

After shifting i Got my 4mbps DSL only but not in mood to order IPTV here but as usual local cable also sucks here as well. After hearing about the new offer of free smart tv etc i placed order for it....

and to my surprise i was very much impressed with new device having

1.HDMI , USB, memory card

2. android

3. reverse option for 7 HOURS

4.40 Recorded TV for last 1 month from PTCL Server

5. and most of all digital program guide. you can jump to your Favorited program directly in recorded tv.

*I'll share some pictures of running system soon to show what i am talking about...

6. Most of the channels especially local and Arabic are VERy clear like atleast 480p some of them are even 720p

Now this is called a HUGE improvement.

Very Good step PTCL now you are moving towards the right direction. Hopefully they will shift towards HD channels slowly.

Good Luck (Y)


Channel list with Logos

All channels are categorized which is a good thing

TV On demand contains 40+ channels recording for last 1 month. That is with Digital Program Guide. You can switch to program directly rather than time...


Detailed Program Guide with switching you can switch to whatever program you want from last 1 month.

This is Very Cool Option and eye catching interface.

Current and Next Program