PTCL IPTV (Project)


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why dont you guys use tano? its far better than crappy app ptcl made.

all of the above mentioned channels are working fine on tano. use that playlist i provided above its up to date.


there is no problem with vlc ptcl app or tano, for some reasons these ports channels are not opening in Lahore. Tried everything


i have tried on all apps still no luck they have some bugs regarding this smart tv


Not even on STB? bcoz these channels are present on EPG and working fine.


i am using smart tv pc app so maybe these channels are not available for pc app subscribers..:o


^^^That may not be true better confirm from them.


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^^^That may not be true better confirm from them.


not working on set top box as well, they saying currently we are offering 125 channels some channels may not work typical call centre reply



Travel channel added


^^^Yes Travel Channel Polska is back plus:

CBS Reality Polska replaced by TLC Polska

Aljazeera Sports +3 officially renamed to beIN Sports

Nat Geo Wild HD Polska (in SD resolution) started in place of Nat Geo Wild Asia (from Dish TV)

PTV National replaced Rohi TV

CNBC Pakistan officially renamed to Jaag TV


Anyone using HD IPTV?


^^^^from PTCL?




Never heard of it. may be in test phase where they are providing Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH)


I've never heard of HD IPTV either. I dont think they can pull it off since PTCL reps on the forum (past reps) complained about bandwidth shortage (for IPTV) and all that...

Who knows.

But if its HDTV on 24fps and a low bit rate, I'll pass (remember, for something to be HD, its dimensions must be exact...then we have different grades such as bad quality HD, good HD etc. etc. cause of the bitrates used during encoding.

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^^^24fps is the standard for blu-rays and most of the broadcasters around the world transmit full HD channels at 24fps. only 720p channels can reach 60fps due to bandwidth limitations. im talking about satellite transmission here. so i think a regular 1080p 24fps channel at good bitrates (like most of the web-rips we download which looks pretty good in my opinion) would be more enough for a service provider like ptcl.

and one more thing for your surprise, almost all of the channels on Smart TV are at 12.5fps :mellow:


i want channels on iptv @ 1080i with 24fps


for some reasons channels added on after 166 ports are not working in lahore


1080i can go to 60fps. 1080p requires a LOT of bandwidth for 60fps (which is why broadcasters stick to1080i 60fps as a compromise). Blu ray can do 1080p 60fps, but broadcasting is not blu ray :)

And you sure about 12fps? I'd use GOM player and see through there. From what I remember, it was 24fps (with just a few channels doing the smooth 60fps).

But I wouldn't doubt you if you said 12fps, cause it really is that awful!

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^^^^its what vlc is showing you can see in snaps above. but its actually not that bad if you watch it on a regular 21 inch crt tv. i also think and i do remember most of the channels were in 24fps not so long ago but im guessing when they changed the resolution of all the channels from 480x576 to 720x576 recently then they must have down sampled the frame rates to work with tight bandwidth.


Is the Bein sport an English channel or Arabic?


They changed the resolution? Are the channels any better in terms of the video quality/clarity?

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