PTCL IPTV (Project)


so any new channels added @SHuak


^^^^Yes some new channels added. i was bit busy last few days so couldn't update.

MBC 2 replaced CBS Drama Polska

MBC Action replaced MBC

MBC Max replaced TV5 Monde Asie

Discovery Turbo Xtra Polska

Afghan TV


Awaz TV

PTV Bolan

Value TV


please do provide me the updated list i am using smart tv app the problem with me is that they do no upgrade the channel list and if they do the upgraded channels does not work


Updated playlist.


has the playlist been updated..??@SHuak


^^^Yes. i mentioned it in my above post.


Smart TV giving PPOE authentication error but on computer its working fine. since morning

Any idea wh smart tv giving error but on pc it is working fine ?


Some channels in the list are not working.


Smart TV started working on Sunday morning after around 24 hours ...


^^^Yup it happens time to time so just dont panic :)

@Aefroze which channels are not working?


Ten action and al jazeera sports not working here...are those working for you guys ???


Yes working fine. Ten Action however showing Dish TV's "301.signal not found" message :mellow:


^ please provide me the links of both channels..


^^Download playlist from above link.


Following channels not working at my end may be removed

Islam TV
Al-Jazeera Sports 3
Mehran Tv
Fox Crime
Disney Junior
Khyber News
Discovery Turbo
Awaz TV
PTV Bolan
Value TV


All the channels are still there and working fine here.


[quote=“ShuAK, post:1096, topic:910”]

All the channels are still there and working fine here.


can u plz share port numbers of there channels


6166 MBC Max

6167 Islam TV
6168 Al-Jazeera Sports 3
6169 Mehran Tv
6170 Fox Crime
6171 Disney Junior
6172 Khyber News
6173 ZAM TV
6174 Discovery Turbo
6175 Afghan TV
6176 DW TV
6177 Awaz TV
6178 PTV Bolan
6179 Value TV


same here these channels not working for me too..i am using smart tv pc app


why dont you guys use tano? its far better than crappy app ptcl made.

all of the above mentioned channels are working fine on tano. use that playlist i provided above its up to date.