PTCL introduces 1217 directory inquiry service


ISLAMABAD, May 30 (APP): The Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has decided to upgrade and improve the directory inquiry service to make the facility comparable to any other across the world.

In its effort to provide callers updated information, PTCL recently launched the 0800-01217 toll-free number enabling customers to update their information in PTCL directory inquiry database free of cost. The Company initiated the 0800-01217 service so that correct information is available for each call made to the directory inquiry service. The directory inquiry service number has now been changed to 1217. Similarly all two-digit abbreviated dialing numbers are being changed to four digits as the systems and services are upgraded. The 14, 17 and 18 services have now all been changed to 1214, 1217 and 1218 respectively.

As everywhere else in the world the new and improved directory inquiry service of PTCL will be charged as a local call from June 1. PTCL has also employed hundreds of call center agents to accommodate customer queries efficiently and promptly.


Anyone else here from a smaller city? Ever since they changed the manual 17 system to computerized. Its God knows connected to which city. They don't have our city's numbers! Same goes for 18 complaint. You have to get in touch with main exchange for complaints and if someone does not know their number then 17 won't be any use so the person is hanging in the air until he actually goes to the main exchange for complaint.

I really hope they have changed this now after the new system. Will check it shortly.


what is directory inquiry service? :/


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what is directory inquiry service? :confused:

“Hello, Can I have the number of musafir plaza please?”


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“Hello, Can I have the number of musafir plaza please?”


lol yeah got it


lolz at the example

btw it is a drama by ptcl to cover up the recent policy of charging directory calls


I think it is a good step to charge on such calls ( though it should be charged a bit less than local call), so that people do not make stupid calls, and those who call get quick service