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PTCL Gaming Launched.

They have many feature with multiplayer servers.

please share tips and tricks,

I am confused in registration. After registration, this is the information

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Registration Completed....

Your Key code is : *********

Your password is : *********

Your Expiry date is : 8/9/2009 9:06:33 AM


what's mean by expiry, session or id??

and please also share which game we should play

great...they even have TF2 server...

I hope it's free for all...

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great…they even have TF2 server…

I hope it’s free for all…


it’s free for ptcl subscribers

well i tried to register but my login is not says user already exists..

what advantage can anyone gain by using my id ? as you can only access gaming if you are on ptcl network.


They also have the flash games there

but no game which i can play as multiplayer

Is it working for you guys ATM?... Cuz I'm gettin an error loading the page. I think it's a DNS issue.. Which DNSes are you guys using?

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Is it working for you guys ATM?.. Cuz I’m gettin an error loading the page. I think it’s a DNS issue… Which DNSes are you guys using?

you should be using ptcl’s DNS to use broadband services

I'm using A PTCL DNS... But it doesn't seem to be working right... And for some weird reason I can't ping to it either... Its the ones.

EDIT: =D =D Nevermind... It's working now... But I don't know why :S... All I did was do a ping test to my gateway thats all... Ah whatever, all's well that ends well =P.

this service will only become relavant if they host Call of DUTY 4! for now its MBL FTW!!!!!

Um... Actually... They DO host Call of Duty 4...

much awaited for this!!! atleast PTCL has came with sumthing good n must after a long tym!!! nthey do hav COD 4 server......

n u dont need to remember keycode session id etc..

just regiter with your login id n pass as of ur broadband account then login wid d problems signing in for meh..try using PTCL DNS... :)

Their pings are pretty good too... hovering around 30 ms... But what concerns me most is that all the server IP's for all the games is the same. Meaning all of the games and their respective servers are being hosted on one machine/computer. So, if and when the PTCL Gaming Portal becomes popular, and especially during peak hours, that computer is gonna have a hard time taking up all the load. And thats also bad for us in 2 ways: 1) The server can crash easily and taking a look at PTCL's customer service, it might take hours to repair it, so no PTCL server in ANY game. 2) LAG!... The slower the host computer is the more LAG there is for clients, like a lot of lag!

I just hope it's one of a hell powerful Core i7 EXTREME computer =P... Or a Multi Xeon Server, Yeah Yeah =D

man why isnt the page not openning..?

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man why isnt the page not openning…?

use ptcl dns not other

I never played games online so its my first time with PTCL online gaming lounge so I need some assistance from you guys.

I download CS1.6 from a torrent site after installation when I start playing online jerks felt during playing. I m using PTCL 1 Mbps and my system config is:

Intel 946 GZIS

3.4 Pantium D

2 GB Ram

Please advice me how can I reduce these jerks during game play.

decent.look, let me guide you. First, I hope you have the latest non-steam version, and a non-steam add-on pack installed, if you don't, just tell me and I'll send you the torrent. Your system specs seem fine to run CS 1.6. Jerks or lag usually occurs if you have a high latency/ping delay to the server. For a good online gameplay experience, your ping should be no more than 90-100 milliseconds (ms). The larger the distance between you and the servers location, the higher the ping. So try not playing on international servers. Thats why all Pakistanis play on local servers and this is why it's such a big thing PTCL has made a gaming server for PTCL customers to play on. And because it's in the same network, pings should be relatively low. So clear all your favourites, and enter PTCL's servers ip:port, i.e:,,, or

And exit CS, to save your changes. Open it up again and play on their server by double clicking on one of them.

If it is still jerky and laggy do this:

On Options/Settings, lower your graphical settings.

Optimize your network with SG TCP Optimizer:

Disable or make an exception for CS in your Firewall software (if you have any)

Close ALL downloading, especially uTorrent and LimeWire... EXIT them!

Close down all unnecessary background programs.

Play on a wired network and not wireless

And theres this one thing about TcpAckFrequency... For which I think this video pretty much cuts it:

- Follow it

And sorry for the long post, but I'm really bad at summarizing... Hope this solves your problem

EDIT: And oh, heres a list of gaming servers in Pakistan:

Thanx Wali Abro for your help I want to mention that ping rate was already b/w 30-40 problem was with my video settings I changed video renderer from OpenGL to Software and now it works fine. Once again thnx for the help.


Woah... It was on OpenGL by default? Damn, thats not right. I supposed it was already on software because you hadn't mentioned it, and when I changed to OpenGL once, the starting background image was blurry and is hard to miss so I'd expect you to mention that. Did that happen to you too, decent?

And, no problem...

at my end entertainment portal dun work its say call 0800...... to order dsl

at my end entertainment portal dun work its say call 0800...... to order dsl

i m using auto dns and auto ip