PTCL Free Dialup Blunder


it's good for the company to come with new promotion every month but promotions should be effective for the internet user's as per PTCL ADs and promotions,

Last night i tried to avail our PTCL free dialup but no connectivity from 1 hrs and when i connected after 1 hr then no browsing,also called PTCL help line and they said ur problem is with your line.

so i tested SMS4NET but fortunately i connected so what should i say to PTCL. atleast still i had a option from LinkdotNet for Dialup when u r in trouble.

SO i think PTA should take notice for such kind of promotions as PTCL is promoting every month.


I have been a victim of idiotic PTCL Internet Service, honestly, these guys are absolutely idiots and sometimes they come up with very deceitful and wrong explanation for their failures.

Besides this, most of our telecom sector is plagued with un-ethical and deceitful marketing which is clearly evident from One Rupee per call from major mobile service providers which is never one rupee and never one minute and there are many hidden charges and traps that are not even mentioned at the time of advertisement.

PTA should take actions and impose severe penalties on such companies, but in Pakistan, there is no consumer protection which is quite unfortunate.


I am sure with time it would improve. However the call charges still apply. You can register a complain with PTA if you feel appropriate to do so.

I think its a great service,with time when ptcl would improve their service..This offer would really be useful..

If there is a problem with your line you should complain on 1218 and get your line cleared..


Hey All,

Still PTCL Dialup is same pathatic , although i was thinking that may be they r in a position to accomodate me atleast for free Dialup as they have mentioned but still customer Services said that problem is with my line.

ohhhhhh what should i do.


just leave ptcl , thats the best option


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just leave ptcl , thats the best option

yes u r right,

i heared about for WOL Dialup Services SMS4NET can any body give any idea for i can use this services, i need complete details,although i need Dailup in back up and i dont want to use further PTCL dialup thats finallllllll.


stop complaining about something free. If you want premium services then pay for it.


u got that right ....jab koi cheez free hota hai to pakistani awam us ki woh galtian nikalti hai lekin jab apnay pasisay lagay hotay hain to chup chaap kaam ho raha hot hai...

ps i m not an new member im an old member i was here when wired pakistan was banned by pta and then hacked...damn those commies...i had such a good post count...saad ibrahim and i used to make fun of ptcl from time to time..those were good days now there plain boring...