PTCL EVO PCMCIA Card + Billing Query

I am planning to buy PTCL EVO. I have some queries:

1- PCMCIA Card

Has anyone bought/used the PCMCIA card?

I remember before USB was launched, many people on this forum bought them and said they required some converter?

(I have Pavilion DV-5 and have no idea if it has PCMCIA slot or not - However would prefer PCMCIA b/c it is cheaper)

2- Billing

1- If I opt for payment on my landline, Will the total charge be 2000 or will tax be deducted on 2000+my landline bill (means would be costing me more)? Means payments at their office will be cheaper?

2- Where can I make payments if I don't choose landline option?

3- Upfront cost

What is the total amount I have to pay at OSS? Do I have to pay the monthly advance then and there?

4-Device Warranty

Do they offer any device warranty? (I am not asking about refund).

5-Documents requirement

Which documents they require if i opt for landline? I have a PTCL landline, but it's not on my name.

1. I have Huawei PCMCIA modem which I have been using on my PC since January, and its working ok. Which model of Dv-5 have you got? DV-5 has many sub-models and all of the one's I looked up on the internet had only ExpressCard slot, so you most probably will need to get the USB modem.

2. I bought it on a relative's Landline, and for like 5 months, it was 2530 (I didn't pay the upfront price), plus apparently a WH tax of around 150-200.

If you don't pay through landline, you'll have to pay at the OSS in advance.

3. If you don't buy on Landline, and want to pay modem charges also, initially you'll have to pay 6000 if it hasn't been changed.

4. You'll have to ask the OSS. One member's experience suggested there was no modem warranty.

5. You'll need to have a recent PTCL bill with you, and the person on whose name the bill is with his NIC copy.

^ Thanks a lot.

I have emailed you the model with details. No refund policy can be somewhat acceptable; no warranty or even checking warranty of device, wth.

My average monthly bill is like 3000 (including 1400 for DSL) add 2000, the TAX on average 5000 will be like :S :S

Do they charge more tax for heavy users? like KESC does?

Maybe, paying at OSS will save me money then.. thinking from this perspective, opinions?