PTCL EVO pay bill issue!


I bought PTCL Evo last month (1st of July). According to the ptcl guy I would receive a bill every month for Rs. 2000. He said that the bill will come with customer ID number which I can use to pay the bills anywhere in Pakistan. But I haven't received any yet and can't pay the bill. However, the net is still running.

Also the net has really really gotten slow. Any one living in F-6/1 Islamabad having this issue? Have I been switched to ptcl wireless dialup or something? (The guy mentioned something abt dialup being run when the net is not available).

There were some delays in the PTCL EVO billing system so all invoices got delayed but you should have gotten yours by now. You can always goto their customer support centre and they will look up your bill and you can pay it right there.

As for being switched to dialup I dont think that is happening. If you are out of EVO range that you get switched to a slower CDMA something but that only happens if you cannot get a good 3g signal and has nothing to do with billing. If you dont pay the bill for 2 months then the device will just stop working

Thanks isythica

Btw I live in F-6/1 Islamabad and good speed. Usually around 100+ KB/s and sometimes 200KB/s but since yesterday have been getting around 12KB/s :-S

I'm in E-11 and I usually get 150-200k

1 whole week my net is running at avg 10 to 20 kbps :-(

I happened to be walking by the PTCL headquarters in Islamabad so paid the visit to the guy and he told me to check the settings and c if my USB is set on EVO or Hybrid and there was another mode I forgot. But when I go to settings the mode option is disabled and locked on hybrid. They guy at PTCL showed me how to do it and his mode options were enable. What do I do?

Btw; when the electricity goes my Evo sometimes return to full capacity (i.e. give 130 to 200 KBps) when downloading. Is someone steeling my bandwidth or what? Is it possible? :-S

Have a look at my speed

^Maybe other people in your area are using EVDO. As the BTS gets limited bandwidth, when other people and you use it, each person gets less speed. When they electricity goes, their computers turn off and so do their EVDO connections, hence the BTS now has more bandwidth and your speed increases.

In that case the whole neighborhood is using it then ... a week a go it was all good.

Well, with the bandwidth each BTS is getting even if 4-5 people use it I think your speed will be effected. Also EVDO has a range of around 18miles so it could be a lot of people using EVDO.

Although off topic but do you know how much range a wateen tower has?

Well, according to this:

wateen has a 4 mile range, but people say that in line of sight I think it increases, maybe above 10 miles. I think that is what their outside (Jupiter) equipment is for.

I don't know why Jupiter was not working at my roof top. Although the Buckeye is working on the roof and getting 3/5 or 4/5 signals. Is it because the installer failed to get them or something else?

In new Jupiter the lights are below and they were not getting stable either at that time but Buckeye's lights get stable.