PTCL EVO not giving decent speeds

I just bought a PTCL EVO connection but i am thouroughly dissatisfied...i live in Westridge Rawalpindi but im getting such lame speeds its ridiculous....

down speed is 1mbps max...i mean come on y nt just go with dsl of u wizzkids has to come up with help cuz i think we all know that ptcl is not gonna help...:(

Tell me whats wrong? if its because i dont have anyy evdo towers around wht then?

I think you didn't do any research before going for PTCL EVDO. Up to 3.1mbps means maximum theoretical downlink. We can't fix your problem it as it is not in software, it is in the hardware. We can't modify your modem or change PTCL's system. For example if PTCL gives EVDO 8mbps per cell tower, Now it could not possibly give 3.1mbps to more than 2 people. Each Tower has an 18km range IIRC, now if you have 10 users in that 18km radius, that means you cannot get over 800kbps. And that is if it is fairly divided.

My suggestion would be to leave this PTCL EVDO crap and go for wired DSL, PTCL DSL is much better from what I've heard. All wireless systems in Pakistan till now have be unreliable, and PTCL Vfone CDMA2000 (EVDO is built upon the same network) is extremely crappy.


nice sharing,good info about ptcl evo,its mean that they cant divide 3.1 b/w so many peoples

in the range of 18km,so its maens that its really crappy.

^Sorry about the confusion, the speed thing was supposed to be an example. But the thing is, it is not a good network, for some people it gives good speed but it isn't stable. For most people stability is more important than speed. I think they'd rather have 1mbps all day long rather than it working at 2mbps half the day.