PTCL EVDO - Value for Money

OK, this is how things stand.

The local Telecom market is losing customers to one another and generally people are reluctant to spend more, due to the financial crisis.

But this does not mean that the local mobile operators are letting us of the hook. Recently there has been a boom in mobile internet market in Pakistan. This follows well with the global trend of mobile internet.

We have mobile broadband products from almost all major players in Pakistani mobile industry.

So, which one is better?

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Telenor,Ufone, Mobilink or PTCL EVDO

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Warid has to be the most reliable and fastest when it comes to EDGE (It is Rs500 per month for 2GB, then maybe 0.60 or so per MB), with speeds ~25KBps most of the time. Second should be Ufone or Telenor.



i guess warid is now out of competition cuz of that 2gb cap......

^^ He is just compring speeds, not Caps, as he has placed Telenor on top which also has a 2GB cap,and expensive per MB rates afterwards. So that is why Warid needs to go on top there.

I think Mobilink is the best .. Actually it depends on who has edge coverage at your place. But as far I know mobilink has no cap and 500 or 600 minues taxes for a month.. Zong has 400 or 500 +taxes and no limit. Zong hourly package is also good..