PTCL DSL Modulation/ Wan Setting :(



Last Month i siwtched to PTCL BROADBAND STUDENT PACKAGE, On my request the man came and installed the Fiberhome AN1020-16t router. but after some days i noticed that my pring is breaking continously and when i check pining on google my break like 10 times in 100 pings. so i call the helpline and they said that man will come tomorrow to fix it but my bad when that man came i wasn't at home and my father take him to my pc and he did something i dont know what.. but he did slow my net speed.. because when the router installed for the 1st time i mean before complain the router page( shows my downstream rate 1560 upstreamrate 570 but after that man fixed something it will goes to 1024 and 256 :s i dont know what he done.. SO please kindly tell me that what DSL modulation setting and wan setting should i adopt.. because my ping problem is still not fixed...

Now My Router Modulation and Summary Below..



Go for G.dmt and uncheck Bitswap


good solution. but uncheck from modulation options. not pair


You Mean Uncheck All axcept G.dmt and uncheck bitswap ? thanks Bro anyways


^Yeah that's what he meant.


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Go for G.dmt and uncheck Bitswap

on experimental experience and technical advise i came to know that ADSL2 works awesome on DSLAMs both on Huawei and ZTE. this modulation sets ur profile to the exact fixed rate ur line can get with improved pings and attenuation…whereas G.Dmt stabilizes the SNR just to maintain the noise quality therefore it decreases the sync rate considerably. Also to add on it a bit, G.Dmt is for ideal situations and is an old modulation ADSL2 and ADSL2+ are newer technologies…but at the end these things vary from exchange to exchange and DSLAM to DSLAM…if ur modem is set to the exact modulation as of your DSLAM then the Handshaking of port is done smoothly without any glitches…hope u got the point.


is g.dmt best or Adsl2 and tell me the roll of these modulations


ADSL2 is best if your line stable, if not go with g.dt


if all the modulation tick except annex.. ? because when i tick all except Anex as default... my COunter Strike Server Ping is like 30-35... but when i tick only G.dmt my Ping is like 40-45 ? tick on all modulation axcept annex is effective or not ?


RE-ADSL and RE-ADSL2 (AnnexL) are best modulations for people who are at more distance from exchange (i.e. line length is more than 4 km).

RE-ADSL = Reach Extended ADSL


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RE-ADSL and RE-ADSL2 (AnnexL) are best modulations for people who are at more distance from exchange (i.e. line length is more than 4 km).

RE-ADSL = Reach Extended ADSL


and where to get these modulations from? modems provided by PTCL doesn’t have these modulation except AnnexL


i have all these in DSL section !


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i have all these in DSL section !

which modem? and i tried connecting through AnnexL and surprisingly the modem didn’t even bother to blink(no syncing untill i shifted to ADSL2 mod.)


i have Fiberhome AN1020.. but this option is in every modem.. tell me your modem and i tell you where you find it..!


There is no option of readsl in an1020. It automatically connects with re-adsl when adsl2+ & adsl sync fails (given adsl2+ & adsl is checked in dsl tab) OR there is something we don't know...kindly share uzair


yeah man i've got AN1020-16t and only AnnexL is there no modulation with prefix RE present...!


Mazahyr.. i have the same modem.. check the above posted Screenshot..

For AN1020-16t Advance Setting > DSL > all modulation are there.

FOr ZTE Advance Setting > WAN > DSL > all modulations are there.


I have tried to check all modulation but not one working perfectly, sometimes check than check some or check the first one sometimes 3rd one so 6th one… Keeps Disconnect router! Now the slow browsing everything fine download stream and upstream sometimes goes upstream down sometimes up why is it? Copper wire telephone connection! Help


help copper connection which are the best setting of the modem at ptcl?