Ptcl dsl is erratic

i am from karachi

and new to this forum!

since 3 days my dsl performance has gone down.

i have a 2 mb connection! and sometimes lately i am getting speeds of 4 kilo bytes per second or less! i bet dialup will be better!

i have checked my line for noise no static watsoever. line attentuation is in the 40s

everytime i switch on my router i get different upstream and downstreams!

i cant play on mbl because of ths.

is it just me ? :(

i have already called 1218 they said we have lodged ur complain!

shiru router

4 days still my dsl is running like crap can anyone help? i have zero static on my line still dsl runs like crap 1218 did not offer any suggestive help !

Can you please post your line stats?

I too am from Karachi, Gulistan-e-Jauhar.

I am also getting speed problem, SNR is low. Many sites are not opening including Google, Blogspot, Youtube etc. I am getting "Network Error (tcp_error) ". Complains go un-answered. :(

I am also on PTCL - Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Block 6 area in Karachi

I do sometimes get hiccups in internet connection but mostly it works fine.

Please post your line stats. My DSL Line attenuation is 48. I heard anything about 50 can cause issues.

First of all shiro router sux... Check ur phone line...

ok the problem is fixed! the ptcl dude confessed that the problem was from their end and it appears they have fixed it! ! back to 210 Kilo BYTES PER SECOND!!!!! ! lets see if it remains like this for days to come!!! :D

congratxx!! :P