PTCL DSL connection getting intermittent outage

Hello All,

I dont know if it is happening with anyone else out there or not. I have a 1Mbps connection and untill a week ago it was running fine with download rates of 100~110KB but now when having large downloads from rapidshare or even in general browsing very often the connection goes silent for 1~5 minutes and no network activity happens then it starts again with the normal download speed, then again it goes silent.

Although i have connected a wireless router Linksys WRTSL54GS with the DSL modem, but it was always connected initially as well, I have tried disconnecting it as well.

I have not changed any firmware, any settings or anything else on the modem. There is no noise in my normal copper telephone line. I am connected with Azizabad Exchange in Karachi.

Anyone else up for the same issue as well.



find these settings in your modem configuration


Keep alive

and set these values


Keep alive=99999 seconds

it might be a problem at exchange's end also.

Sometime you dont mess with anything but something goes wrong their.

its ptcl guyz... these problems are a norm... do wait till the upgrades are complete... you might find it all solved by the end of the upgrades... i used to get 100+ speed on public torrents... now it is 1/4th the speed due to some reason also that i have been upgraded... just waiting for it to solve