Ptcl Dsl And Hlds Server (cs Server) Set Up


hello every one i got a serious problem i never thought of MY HLDS server is not working please sort me out my lan ip is i change it now i also go to applications and into port forwording i select both protocols and name it HLDS and port start 27015 and ends27015 port map is 27015 i made these changes and allow ping this was the changes made by me but still my server is not on on the internet the cs server all firewalls are off when i run the game i add my lan ip and it shows there the server and i connect but when i gave this to my freinds they cudnt see the server there and my server also not come into the internet List yaar somebody please sortme out my email adress is and please tell me wht to do i have a shiro modem or router pata nahi ye kia hey lekin white shiro hey i have a conection of PTCL DSL 512 please tell me wht changes do i have to made to make my server run Please mail me the solution i will be very very very thankful to that person Please yaar koi to iss problem ka hall btayoo please Thanks feel free to ask me any other thing moreover i also tell my freinds the ip of they still cant join please solve my problem or tell me the solution please

Thanking in Anticipation


Stick to the dedicated thread where you've already posted. And don't make multiple posts.