PTCL DNS Issue [[[Solved]]]

Dear wiredpakistan Users,

I want to inform all those peoples who are worrying about the DNS Problems, like not getting reply from their desired DNS i.e

it is to be cleared that PTCL officiallly turned off the ping of these DNS to the user end.

However, all the DNS which are not giving reply on ping are still active and working.

And please notice that the, PTCL IPTV Transmission is running on only 1 DNS which is

and if they block this DNS then how come the IPTV is running ryt now??

doesnt make sense.

so the conclusion is that PTCL just turned of the Ping of these DNS to user end.

hence they are still working and active

for better browsing results Configure ur modem for automatic assigned DNS.

and re start your modem, this will detect new DNS whatever they are just use that DNS. hope your net work well after this.

and one thing more i wanna tell is that PTCL is working on new DNS, very soon they will launch their new DNS, there is a total of 10 new DNS Servers, as the load of internet is increasing day by day.

so they are partitioning their users on different DNS.

nothing more to say as u peoples are very intelligent and underatands all :)