Ptcl Broadband Student Package problem


Asalamualikum friends!

I am facing problem in applying for ptcl Broadband Student Package . the first page where you have to mention your city name and phone No...... is fine.

But on the second page (user information) where I have to mention my university name. but the drop down list is empty and I can write the name of my University…….how can I mention the name of my university ….plz help me


It means that institutes and universities from your city have not been listed by PTCL yet so you cannot do anything about it. Get in touch with your local exchange (DSL Officer) and your University's registrar and ask them about availability of student package.

PTCL might be offering student package for your city on manual order and manual verification system where the exchange will process your application for student package manually by a form filled and verified through University registrar which you will present to them for manual order placement.

Just get in touch with them and see if this process is taking place. It was manually done in our city for 2 months after DSL arrived here, no Institute was listed for us here for 2 months.


Please use the sticky thread for PTCL DSL issues.