Ptcl broadband siyapa

i have some question about ptcl broadband connection

1. can we apply for broadband connection using their online service anywhere from the world? (i applied for my home, from czech republic but they disabled order why?)

2. now i apply again but this message apears "this phone number have been applied by other broadband and phone n net product check please!" check what?

3. i contacted them thru their email but they didn't response are they alive or dead?

4. our city name isn't in their broadband list but they added our tehseel Kharian which is code number is same 0537 when i order and check with ptcl number it appears this service is available in your area and next page opens for giving info email username etc. and back side of ptcl monthly bill a add which show's broadband meters and speed and get connection today but when we call their helpline they says this service isn't available yet in your area are they pranking with us?

please if you can farward my questions to ptcl helpliner it will be very thankful and great

Try Linkdotnet .........

The service is not available in your area, get over it and try some other provider.