PTCL Bill Problem

Hi Everybody, i have some problem with my PTCL bill. In previous month i paid my bill late so they write 2,205Rs in total arrears on bill. But i paid all the dues after due date. I called PTCL, they told me that you can visit any customer care center to correct this bill. I have two questions now. As i paid all the bill so i have to pay that total arrears or they're mistakenly included and second can someone provide me list of PTCL customers care centers in Rawalpindi where i can get this problem resolved.Thanks!


I am in Karachi so can't tell you addresses in Rawalpindi. Maybe you can find the info from PTCL website.

You need to take old paid bill with you as proof of payment. PTCL staff will adjust paid amount and issue you a new bill that you can pay.

Anybody knows the timing of PTCL one stop shop? When they close it ?

Umm....try PTCL helpline!! The number is 1236. I am sure they can tell you both the address & timings.