PTCL and Google services

While using ptcl internet i am facing a lot of problem with accessing google services , even i cannot do google search properly first it hangs then after stopping the browsing and clicking refresh again works ... Any ideas?

i have checked in wateen internet , everything was fine ...

No prob. Here

Google is the quickest site that loads with ptcl

Couple of days ago this was happening with me. All Google & Youtube servers seems chocked and resulted in TCP errors. I was using OpenDNS. PCTL Tech guy asked me to use PTCL DNS and it resolved my problem. Maybe you are also having same senario.

Thanks for your replies my problem is still the same and i use

primary dns:

Secondary dns:

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Thanks for your replies my problem is still the same and i use

primary dns:

Secondary dns:





i have tried them , Its still the same! I wonder what can be the cause !!!

Can you please tell me the dns addresses the PTCL tech guy told you ?!

Try changing your internet browser to check the issue. Use FireFox

Clear your cookies, cache and temp internet files with authenticated sessions. I'm also using PTCL EVDO and everything seems just fine.

I already gave you the DNS given to me by PTCL Tech guy. It appears they have some issues with their servers. Some sites open too slow just like on dial-up. I am getting slow browsing speed for some sites even on windows updates site. :(

try this primary :

secondary :

Few days back I had a similar problem, if ur using FF, then try IE for youtube, google etc.

I am also facing this problem sometime tcp error came, at that time if use vpn it works properly,

I also came here to post that thing. i have 2 ptcl connections and sometimes both of them do not open any of the google service. I first thought it was just my connection but my other friend also has the same problem. it happens quite often now :/

heck i got so irritated that i changed my browsers search defaults to bing now. lol

Some time it happens.

Dont worry

Always clean your PC using CCleaner

it is happening with me too, not using PTCL though

It's their Bluecoat filter software. I don't know which knocked-up idiot put them in the first place, since they slow down opening sites like hell!

Yes it appears some sites are being filtered. Today again it started and blogspot was unavailable for two hours. You try to open a site, Browser shows "waiting response from xyz" and then it times out giving TCP error. So IMO DND is not a problem.

And funny how I thought I was the only one who couldn't access Blogspot.

Hence, another reason to ditch PTCL - they don't know what they're doing! They never do, won't acknowledge, and won't care.

(and WiredPakistan's submit button is flaky - when I click it, I get an error page, then have to click Back, then resubmit the post... :/ ) and dont work sometimes on my rite now!!! it just says connecting and then it stops loading and a blank page comes...its bugging me now...shud i complain to ptcl??..why does ptcl have to get into a problem every month??

tried with ie 8 and chrome 3

using dns:

@Nab - that's why I keep thinking of moving away from PTCL. I just got overbilled by God-knows-how-much today, all because of some overheads in the DSL they decided to charge me one day. Their customer support isn't very helpful either - they literally told me to go to 3 different places (I had to visit two of those three TWICE).

And now, since LDN isn't an option, I'm SERIOUSLY considering Micronet. I'll have to pay for the modem, but what the hell... it's better than this nonsense.

gmail working now but and still not working!!