PSP slim, special limited edition

PSP slim, special limited edition

Hi everyone,

Willing to sell my PSP slim 2000, which is "Simpson's" special limited edition, modified version and updated of the latest CFW. condition is 9/10. with a 4 GB mem stick, which is not original, charger, and a pouch. Price 15500

interested people, email me or message me at the given number 0334-8244403

I can post the images on demand.

Plz upload pics and lower the price. In this price new is available.

Fat is available for 9,200 (3 months warranty)

slim is available for 11,200 (6 months warranty)

if needed in the above price P.M me

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^^ Not even hijacked.... It is trashed and killed. hahaha

don't care!!! i cant lower the price much, after all when you install a CFW in any PSP, tu warranty kon si accept hoti hay, and about local warranty, then i also have it, around same 6 months. :) as i said before the set is like new, 9/10 means something. and its not standard edition which all the market have.

here are the images .......

HI everybody,

i have recently bought a PSP fat, one month earlier and now i want to sell it

i bought a 8 gb card with it, it is available with all accessories and packaging ,it is really in nice condition if u see it u wont say tht its used , and its just for 14500

if someone interested plz contact me

phn no. 03339105306

email :


i wana Buy PSP , which one better slim or fat , caz somebody told me slim PSP2000 & 3000 cant play copy card games??

any idea ,how much for the Games ? Copy or DVD ?? or both ?

waiting ur reply or PM me


ofc, slim one is better then the fat one , fat is old version and slim is new, but i have slim 2000, currently psp3000 is in the market, and its not modified yet, it mean it dont play games from mem card, but slim 2000 is modified and play all the game from mem card. you dont need to buy official games, :P its expansive , u can download any game from internet and i can help you in tht, and in the market pirate games are also available on dvds,