PSP Price

Due to excessive loadshedding (upto 18 hrs nowadays) I've decided to get a PSP. I've read that its price has gone up, so I want to know how much does a PSP cost and how much does PSP pack with the psp cover,umds and memory card etc. cost. Also I would like to know the price of 8GB and 16GB Sony real memory sticks and would it make alot of difference if I get a fake memory card?Oh and which is better PSP 1000 or PSP 2000?Thanks

The price of the PSP FAT is 12000-13000 and PSP Slim is 14-15 thousand

PSP Fat is PSP 1000 and PSP Slim is PSP 2000

And PSP Slim is better it is faster (Load times are low) and slimmer so it weights less although there's no huge difference in between the 2. here's a whole article with the differences listed

Anyway i dont have an idea about the price of the memory stick.

The Fake sticks works something like this, They tell you that the stick is 8gb when infact it is 4gb. Once you reach the 4gb limit it starts over writing data because it doesnt have more space and hence it corrupts the previous data. Plus they are obviously less reliable and slower then the original memory cards.