PS3 Vs PS3 Slim

This post specifies the changes between the two consoles

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GPU on Sony PS3 Slim may stay the same

Sony on Tuesday announced that it was upping the ante in the next-generation console war, unleashing the slender PS3 slim. Eschewing the original PS3's bulbous design, the new console reportedly will drop Linux support and also won't support PS2 games. The console does bring a greater capacity 120 GB drive onboard, though, a step up from the 80 GB drive in its predecessor (low-end version).

Now another perk of the new console has emerged -- an improved CPU. According to a video posted on Sony's U.S. website, the new console will feature a 45 nm updated version of the Cell processor based on IBM's Power architecture, jointly developed by IBM, Sony, and Toshiba. The new processor will be cooler and use less power, and is also cheaper to make than the 65 nm processor found in the old PS3.

Sony's primary high-graphics competitor, Microsoft, still uses 65 nm GPUs. Heat has proven to be a major concern for the next generation consoles -- Microsoft started on a 90 nm process and suffered from many console failures due to the larger chip's heat.

The GPU on the PS3 has not been officially announced, except for that it will be made by NVIDIA. For the sake of compatibility, it will likely be similar or identical to the RSX GPU in the current PS3.

The new console will launch on September 1 in the U.S. and will retail for $299.


No real difference between the two...unless you like the better look of the fat ps3 :)

oh....the ps3 slim has an updated HDMI can now bitstream Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, so it's a clear choice for home theater buffs.

This article tells the difference between the two:

From IGN

.Size and Weight

Obviously the new PS3 cuts a sizable chunk weight and size out of the original system's design, Sony says roughly 30 percent in both capacities, but just how much desk space is the new system saving? Find out below.

Previous PS3s

* Dimensions: 12.81" wide, 10.79" deep, 3.86" tall

* Weight: 11 lbs

PS3 "Slim" (CECH-2000)

* Dimensions: 11.42" wide, 11.42" deep, and 2.56" tall

* Weight: 7.7 lbs.

Width Differential: -1.39"

Depth Differential: +0.63"

Height Differential: -1.30"

Weight Differential: -3.3 lbs


The PlayStation 3 has underwent several minor connectivity changes since it was first introduced in 2006, some of which have been carried over into the new system.

Previous PS3s

* USB Ports: 2 (4 on PS3 80GB [2007], 60GB [2006], 20GB [2006])

* Wi-Fi: Yes (Except 20GB [2006])

* Flash Card Reader: No (Except 80GB [2007] and 60GB [2006])

PS3 "Slim" (CECH-2000)

* USB Ports: 2

* Wi-Fi: Yes

* Flash Card Reader: No

USB Differential: Varied

Wi-Fi Differential: Varied

Flash Card Reader Differential: Varied

.Included Accessories

While Sony has never included a high-definition component cable with their systems, much to the frustration of consumers, they have been kind enough to include a few handy add-ons with their bundles.

Previous PS3s

* Video Cables: Composite

* Ethernet Cable: Yes

* Controller: Sixaxis (2006 – 2007), DualShock 3 (2008)

PS3 "Slim" (CECH-2000)

* Video Cables: Composite

* Ethernet Cable: No

* Controller: DualShock 3

Video Cable Differential: None

Ethernet Differential: Not Included

Controller Differential: None

.Internal Specs

Previous PS3s

* Processor: 90nm IBM Processor (2006 Models), 65nm (2007 – 2008 Models)

* Removable HDD: Yes

* HDD Capacity: 20GB/60GB (2006), 40GB/80GB (2007), 80GB/160GB (2008)

* Power Consumption: 380w (2006 – 2007), 280w (2008)

* PS2 Backwards Compatibility: 20GB/60GB (2007), 80GB (2007)

* PS1 Backwards Compatibility: Yes

PS3 "Slim" (CECH-2000)

* Processor: 45nm

* Removable HDD: Yes

* HDD Capacity: 120GB

* Power Consumption: 250w

* PS2 Backwards Compatibility: No

* PS1 Backwards Compatibility: Yes

Processor Differential: -45nm /-20nm

Removable HDD Differential: None

HDD Capacity Differential: Varied

Power Consumption Differential: -130w/ -30w

Compatibility Differential: Varied